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What's Your Story?: An Emerald Pendant

August 13, 2012

by Sureena Taparia

Just a small little piece of jewelry can tell a big story. It represents the symbolic of the bond of family and the bond of friendship.

Alexi wanted to buy a piece of jewelry for his wife who had given birth to their first child, a baby boy. His one criteria: emerald, which represented the birthstone of their son. Deciding between two pieces, Alexi settled on the design that resembled a sun. "It looks like a sun and we are having a son," Alexi told me. He knew that everything about our emerald and diamond halo pendant would remind his wife of their new baby boy. "She hasn't taken it off since I got it!".

Gemstones have a long, yet beautiful history when it comes to their association with birth months. This relationship is both ancient and modern. Since ancient times, people have valued gemstones and minerals by including them into their everyday lives. Back then, each stone was considered to have special powers. It was assigned a particular month and during that month, it powers were thoughts to grow. These days, people wear gemstones for their aesthetic beauty as well as for personal and spiritual meaning.

Everyone has their own silent story. Why not wear that story?

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